From My Point of Pew: 03.02.14


Readings for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, March 3, 2014. Today the priest talked at length about how much we worry. He offered lots of personal stories today about how much his mom worries, about how his stress level has recently gotten so … [Read more...]

From My Point of Pew: 02.23.14


Readings from the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 23, 2014. I have been so absent from blogging. Our middle kiddo turned 3 at the beginning of the month and we still haven't fully recovered. Mostly because I love parties and stop everything … [Read more...]

From My Point of Pew: 02.16.14


Readings for February 16, 2014, the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time Vanessa's Note: Today, we're featuring a guest Point of Pew by my husband, Brandon. Last night, we attended the Saturday evening Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral since today we … [Read more...]

From My Point of Pew: 02.09.14


Readings from Sunday, February 9, 2014, the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Fr. Mike had a great homily today. When he was little there was a kid in his neighborhood whose dad worked at the ice cream factory. The boy's dad would bring home a new ice … [Read more...]

Busted Halo: “La Lupe” is 100 posts


I've been writing for Busted Halo for four years and today marks my 100th post. In the post I wrote about some of my favs over the years. Do you have a favorite? It kind of feels like when Kindergarteners celebrate 100 days in school. I'm sure … [Read more...]

From My Point of Pew: Presentation of the Lord


Readings for Sunday, February 2nd. As I read through the psalm, this is the first thing I thought... Today the Holy Cross Vocations Director presided over Mass so his homily had more to do with vocations … [Read more...]

Issues With Our Mothers


At some point or another, we have issues with our mom. Maybe it is universal -- men and women -- but I know that for daughters, most of us have a period where we think our mom and maybe our grandmother, too,  is wrong about everything and all we want … [Read more...]

Busted Halo: What Our Mothers Teach Us


In a slam poetry reading that went viral, Lily Meyers tells an all too familiar story about girls who learn to base their self-worth on men and calories. Girls are taught to shrink, she says. I agree...kind of. I think there is value in the lessons … [Read more...]

Authentic Moment #4: A Husband’s Warmth


If you've never read Simcha Fisher's blog, I Have to Sit Down, you should start. She is opinionated and frank and so so wise. But mostly she paints a picture of a very faithful Catholic wife and mother that doesn't make you think she is levitating … [Read more...]